With Freshmarketer extension for Magento, integrating Freshmarketer into the Magento store is made easier than ever. After successful integration, start optimizing the Magento store and improve conversions by creating A/B tests, funnels, heatmaps, session replay and other features available in Freshmarketer.

This article will help you in integrating Freshmarketer into Magento store with the help of Freshmarketer extension for Magento.

STEP 1: Download Freshmarketer extension from Magento marketplace.

In Magento marketplace, sign in to your account and search Freshmarketer. Then, click on Add to Cart button to download Freshmarketer extension for Magento.

STEP 2: Login to Freshmarketer and locate Integrations.

STEP 3: Enable Magento 2 Integration.

From the list of available options, enable Magento 2 integration.

STEP 4: Generate and copy the API Key.

In the pop-up window that appears, click the Generate API Key button to get a unique API code for integrating Freshmarketer code into Magento site. Click Copy button.

Before Clicking “Generate API Key” button:

After clicking “Generate API Key” button:

STEP 5: Login to Magento and locate Freshmarketer extension.

Now, login to Magento as Administrator. From admin dashboard, navigate to Stores => Configuration. In the left tab, under Freshmarketer Integration, select Yes from the Enable Freshmarketer integration option and paste the copied API key in the Freshmarketer API Key text box. Click Save Config button at the top right. 

To know about installing extension, read this article and follow the steps mentioned.


Now, Freshmarketer is successfully integrated into Magento store. Start optimizing the Magento store by running A/B tests, heatmaps and much more.

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