Freshmarketer is not an alternative to Google Analytics. In fact, Google Analytics should be integrated with Freshmarketer to get better insights and accuracy.

Freshmarketer is a Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) tool and GA is an analytics tool. For gaining a subtle and a hassle-free insight, experts recommend integrating the analytics tool with Freshmarketer

How are unique visitors in GA and Freshmarketer counted?

GA counts all kinds of visitors (both first-time and returning visitors).

In Freshmarketer, visitor data contains information only about unique visitors. In GA, visitor data is collected based on sessions. A session lasts for 30 minutes.

Example, if visitor A enters the site in a session and re-enters the site after the session has ended, then GA counts that returning visitor as say, visitor B.

But, in Freshmarketer visitors are counted based on the information stored in cookies. Until the cookie expires, Freshmarketer doesn’t count the returning visitors. Freshmarketer creates cookies for every new and unique visitors to record their information and to spot out returning visitors from the already existing information.

Funnel Analysis

It’s an easier job setting up funnel reporting in Freshmarketer and the analysis interface is better than Google Analytics. Funnel analysis in Freshmarketer doesn’t require any technical know-hows. Funnel reporting in GA appears more confined to developer’s usage and not for a marketer.

In addition, visitor segmentation is one fundamental way to effective web analytics and GA doesn’t provide any advanced custom segmentation for filtering the data collected in the funnel.

A/B and Split URL Testing

Google analytics together provides A/B and split URL testing as content experiments. GA collects data for a minimum of three days and a maximum of three months. But, Freshmarketer collects data instantly and provides variation(s) based data as and when visitors visit your website.

GA does not allow users to pause an experiment. Instead, content experiments stops automatically as a winner is found. Once a user stops an experiment, it cannot be restarted. Freshmarketer allows users to pause, archive and restart an experiment of their choice.

Heatmap and Scroll map

GA doesn’t provide any visualization of user behavior. Therefore, one has to depend on Freshmarketer (or some other CRO tool) to get the visualized report of heatmaps and scroll maps. Freshmarketer’s chrome extension loads the website instantly and produces real-time reports of how your visitors scroll and click through your pages.

To summarize, Freshmarketer truly helps you in understanding your web and mobile site visitors by gaining insights of how your visitors are interacting in your pages.

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