Google Analytics is one of the most comprehensive free tools available to track the statistical data of a website. The main objective of GA is to provide certain statistical metrics of your website and it answers the question what. Example: Pages that have received high pageviews.

To get the big picture of why it happened, you require a CRO tool to answer it and that’s how Freshmarketer comes into play.

Google Analytics provides the following metrics that help you quickly access the performance:

  • Sessions - The total number of sessions within a period of time.
  • Users - The total number of users who visited your website in a given time frame.
  • Pageviews - The total number of page views received within a period of time.
  • Pages / Sessions - The average number of pages that are viewed in one session.
  • Avg. Session Duration - The average time a visitor stayed on your website.
  • Bounce Rate - The percentage of single-page visits in your site.
  • %New Sessions - Percentage of sessions that contain first-time visitors to your site

GA Metrics

              GA Metrics

Benefits of Integrating GA with Freshmarketer

  • Integrating Freshmarketer with Google Analytics has few benefits-
  • Get statistical Google Analytics data for each variation in your experiment.
  • Filter visitors of your website who are involved in your Freshmarketer experiment, through Google Analytics report.

Find how Freshmarketer affects the above-mentioned metrics of Google Analytics. Example: See how bounce rate varies for your variation page in comparison to your original page.

To integrate Freshmarketer with GA and gain the blended benefits,
 walk through this guide.

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