Data collection for funnels in Freshmarketer

Funnels in Freshmarketer follow loose order algorithm which is explained by an example.

Let’s assume a funnel which is set up with 5 pages namely,

A => B => C => D => E 

In addition to these 5 pages, the website contains other pages such as F, G, H, I, J and K. Freshmarketer’s funnel collects data and considers a visitor’s journey as a successful conversion when the visitor travels all the 5 pages (set up as steps in funnel) irrelevant of the order of visits and even if other pages are visited in between.

D -> F -> C -> B -> G -> I -> E -> A
B -> D -> C -> H -> E
A -> B -> K -> C -> D -> J -> E
C -> B -> A -> I -> E -> K
B -> C -> E -> D -> A
A -> B -> D -> E

Need for Funnel Reordering

At times, there might be a need to make the funnels flexible to explore other possibilities that can decrease drop offs and improve conversion journey. For this purpose, Freshmarketer provides an option to Reorder steps in Funnel report. 

Rearranging the funnel steps provides detailed insights on who travelled through the other pages in the funnel along with the count and percentage of drop offs for each and every page in funnel.

Reordering funnel steps in Freshmarketer

After creating the funnel experiment by setting up the funnel steps, start the experiment and you will see the data populate in the Reports tab.

In the Reports tab of the Funnel analysis, a Reorder Funnel button will be present on top right of the report. Click that button to open a popup that facilitates the reordering of the steps in the funnel report. The pop up will have step number, step name and a provision to reorder the funnel steps.

The screenshot given above has the order of the funnel before it is reordered.

Now, you can reorder the funnel steps by dragging and dropping the steps you need. The step number will be adjusted to the ascending order automatically as you reorder the steps while the step name remains the same.

In the above screenshot you can find the reordered funnel with the steps interchanged. Now, click the Reorder Funnel button.

The steps in the report will be reordered accordingly. The below given screenshot shows you how the report appears after it has been reordered.

The report after reordering will provide the data on sessions and drop offs from one page to another page along with the total conversions.

One of the main advantage in this option is that you can reorder the funnel as per your convenience any number of times without having to pause the experiment. 

Finally, you can reorder funnel steps, see wide range of possibilities, gain valuable insights and enhance the conversion journey.