Interpreting Reports in Personalization:

Personalization generates reports in sync with the visitor engagement. Reports can be viewed in the below categories.

  • Quick Stats

  • Experience Performance

  • Conversion Stats

  • Heatmaps

Quick Stats:

In general, certain useful metrics are generated for every experiment. This helps you get a quick overview of how well your experiences or variations have performed.

TOTAL VISITORS: The total number of visitors captured in the experiment including both original and variation

DURATION: The time duration from which the experiment was initiated.

NO. OF EXPERIENCES: The total number of experiences including the original in the experiment

NO. OF GOALS: The number of visitor tracking goals set in the experiment

LEADING EXPERIENCE: The experience which has more conversions at the moment is considered as leading or winning variation.

UNIQUE CONVERSIONS: Number of unique conversions happened in the winning variation.

CONVERSION RATE: Representation of conversion rate in terms of percentage of winning experience against the other experiences

VISITOR DISTRIBUTION: With the total number of visitors captured, this shows the graphical representation of the visitor count in terms of experiences.

CONVERSION RATE: This shows the bar representation of the winning experience’s conversion rate in terms of percentage.

GOAL TREND: The winning goal over time is shown in the chart. You can also adjust the time range to check the winning goal percentage over a specific period of time. Click here to know more about creating goals.

Experience Performance:

The overall conversion and improvement rate of the experiences can be viewed here.

Conversion Stats:

Here, you can analyze the performance of each goal you created by switching through the experiences. The goal metrics can be viewed for the experiences individually in comparison to the original. 

Note: You can also switch the baseline against which you want to compare the performance of other experiences. This could be done by clicking on the baseline option available at the toolbar.


Apart from these three metrics we also provide Heatmap data for the Original and the Experiences. You can view the heat maps by switching over to the heat maps tab as shown below.