Visitors Limit Count Removed:

Freshmarketer Heatmap will now collect unlimited visitors in a single experiment. Earlier Freshmarketer had a limit of 25000 visitors for a Heatmap experiment but now this limit has been removed.

Clickmap Data:

Click map data in Heatmap will represent recent 50000 clicks while viewing, If you would like to see clicks that have been captured before this 50000, you can change the date range using date picker in Heatmap Toolbar and view it.

Experiment Scheduler:

If you would like to limit the visitors for Heatmap experiment, you can configure it while creating a Heatmap experiment. Freshmarketer Provides Experiment Scheduler Option which will allow you to Stop/Pause the experiment at the specified date and Time or When it reaches the specified visitors limit (whichever comes first)

You can learn more about Experiment scheduler here 

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