Scrollmaps in Freshmarketer provides you accurate data regarding the scrolling behaviors of your visitors. With Scrollmaps, you can find the content with least attention and study the scroll

Scrollmap in Heatmap Toolbar

To view the scrollmap for your site, click the Scrollmap toggle button in the heatmap toolbar. You’ll have all the options such as a consolidated report, date range, etc., for the Scrollmaps too. To know more about the toolbar, check this article.

In scrollmaps, a color gradient is present in the bottom right which visually represents the percentage of visitors who viewed that section of the page. Darker shades mark regions with the highest user views whereas lighter shades of color mark regions that are ignored/less visited.

Freshmarketer’s scrollmap also provides Average Fold value which is the average area of the landing page section of your site viewed on all devices. Using this value, you can bring the important content or video or anything you don’t want your visitors to miss within the average fold range of your web page so that it gets all the attention.

A section of a web page will only be tracked as an impression if the visitor stops scrolling. When the visitor scrolls past the other sections and stops at the footer, only the footer will receive an impression

How Freshmarketer's Scrollmap Works


In Web pages which uses single page application framework, Freshmarketer tracks the scrolls intelligently and records only those that are actually viewed by visitors. For example, if a web
page has four sections and when the visitor clicks on the “about us” section from the landing page, the web page takes them directly to the final section of the web page. Here, Freshmarketer tracks the scroll for the “about us” section alone and it doesn’t count the scrolls for other sections which were never viewed by the visitor.

Use Freshmarketer’s scrollmaps option and gain insights on the scrolling behavior of your visitors, then tweak your site by bringing important information to the top.

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