You can archive a ticket field that you created by clicking on Admin > Workflows > Ticket Fields > hover over the respective ticket field that you created and click on the archive icon. 

By archiving a ticket field, the ticket field is removed but not permanently deleted from your account. Archiving a ticket field will impact tickets, automation, and reports. You can restore the archived fields later whenever required.


A quick guide to archiving ticket fields: 

  1. You will be able to view archived ticket fields under Admin > Workflows > Ticket fields
  2. You will not be able to archive a ticket field that is under a section. 
  3. To archive a field associated with a section, you have to remove the related ticket field from the section.

Impact of archiving ticket fields on 

  • Automation rules: When a ticket field is archived, the automation rules that are using this field will no longer work as expected. The condition containing the ticket field will be skipped from the automation. However, you can restore the field and add it back to the automation if you want to perform the automation.
  • Reports: The archived fields will not appear in filters. However, you will be able to restore them and access historical data when you restore them. 
  • Ticket views: You will no longer be able to view archived ticket fields or related historical information in the search filters until you restore them. 

Deleting a ticket field: 

To delete a ticket field that you created, hover over the ticket field and click on the trash icon.

However, deleting a ticket field is an irreversible action where you will not be able to retrieve them. We recommend you to use the archive option if you are not sure about whether the field will be needed later.

Similar to archiving ticket fields, deleting them will impact: 

Note: The default ticket fields (with the label 'Default') in Freshdesk can not be deleted/removed since they are a part of every ticket in Freshdesk, and will be used by your agents extensively as they try to resolve issues. However, you will be able to hide these default ticket fields. Read more about Default ticket fields here