You will be able to manage multi-product content within a single Freshdesk account at ease. This is possible since each product gets its own space with all its corresponding categories, folders and articles for you to manage.

In order to work with multi-product content, you would first need to set up all the products you are supporting, within your Freshdesk account. To do that, find a detailed guide here - Setting up multiple products

Once that is done, the list of products you have configured will be available under the Solutions tab. 

A quick guide to working with multi-product content

In order to choose the product’s knowledge base you would like to work with, click on the  Menu on the top left corner and choose the product from the drop-down. This will open the workspace dedicated to the product you have chosen, which displays all the categories, folders and articles of that product. 

To drill down to the content that you would like to work on, you can use the search bar. 

Note: This will only display the search results of the product you have chosen, even if two or more products consist of content with the same title

A quick guide to using existing content in multiple products

There might be scenarios where few categories written for another product might have to be used for the product you are currently working on. For example a category named shipping and its corresponding articles might be the same across all products, if the shipping is handled by the same company.

In that case, you can:

  • Go to Solutions > Manage and click on the edit button  that appears when you hover over the categories.
  • In the popup window that opens, you will be able to make the category visible across multiple products by choosing the relevant products under Visible In Portal.

A quick guide to tracking the analytics for each product’s content

Navigate to the Manage section under each product’s workspace.

You will be able to view metrics like Views, Helpful and not helpful, which will help you understand the extent to which your content is useful for your customers.

You can also go into each article in-order to view the relevant metrics for an article.