With the Freshdesk help widget, you can embed solution articles and a contact form within your website or product. When your customers need help, they can open the widget to search through solution articles or to submit a ticket. You can watch this video to learn how to set up the help widget or read more about setting up the help widget here.

Frustration tracking is an experimental feature that helps you proactively assist your customers. It is available only on Garden 2019 & above. Frustration tracking helps track moments when your customers are frustrated with your website. For example, if there's a broken link or a button, your customers might typically click on it a couple of times when they're trying to get things to work. 

The help widget can detect such moments and open up the contact form, asking your customers if they need help.

  • Go to Admin > Channels > Widgets > select the widget that you want to customize > Frustration tracking tab.

  • If you have a Freshmarketer account, choose your account and enable Frustration tracking. If you don't have an account, you can sign up for a new account with your email address.

  • In case you have already enabled Session Replay in your account, you can enable 'Frustration tracking' in one click. When you enable frustration tracking, session replay will also be enabled.

  • Specify up to three URLs (domains) where you want to track customer frustration.

  • The widget will pop up on these domains whenever the user does a rage click.

Rage clicks are a series of clicks made during a short time span. Rage clicks are the typical user behavior when a button or a link isn't working properly.

  • You can set the header message and additional description that will show up when a rage click happens, and users will be able to submit a ticket using this popup.

  • Specify the content that needs to show up after the form is submitted with the 'Form confirmation message.'

  • Once submitted, you will receive this message as a ticket. Your agents can see recent sessions on the sidebar (with Session Replay) and will know where users ran into a problem and rage clicked.

Embedding the widget on your site

Once you've chosen the customer service options that need to appear on the widget, and customized its appearance, you can go to the Embed code tab and copy the widget's code. Here's a sample embed code:

Paste this code into your website or product, where you want the widget. Click here to learn about embedding the widget on your Wix or Shopify site.

When you make changes to the widget's settings after you've embedded the code on your website or product, the widget will automatically (and instantly) reflect the new changes. You can watch this 30-minute webinar to learn how to set up the help widget.

Note: Your existing embedded feedback widgets will work, and you'll be able to create new embedded widgets from the Admin > Channels > Feedback form.