This feature is now available as part of the Freddy Insights add-on.

The Thank You Detector, powered by Freddy, can understand the intent of customer responses to 'resolved' or 'closed' tickets to decide if it should be reopened or not. These responses can either be a request for help from an agent or an expression of gratitude for the support offered by the agent. It works well with all Freshdesk supported languages

Let’s look at how you can enable Thank You Detector in your Freshdesk account:

 How does Freddy learn?

Feedback model
Freddy keeps a ticket closed but the agent reopens it
This goes as feedback to the model to ensure similar tickets do not get closed next time
Freddy reopens a ticket but the agent closes it
This goes as feedback to the model to ensure similar tickets do not get reopened next time

How will agents know if Freddy keeps a ticket closed though it should be reopened?

By enabling, 'Requester replies to ticket' notification under Admin > Workflows > Email Notifications > Agent Notifications, agents will receive an email notification every time a customer responds to a ticket. Agents can take a look at the response to decide if the ticket should be reopened or not. 

Note: 1. The high confidence level threshold set for Freddy is greater than 90%. This means, only if Freddy is extremely confident, it will continue to keep a ticket closed.

2. Thank You Detector works only if the requester of a ticket is an enduser i.e. a contact in the helpdesk. It doesn't work if the requester is a helpdesk agent.