The Helpdesk performance report in Analytics gives you an overview of your helpdesk performance. This includes the helpdesk average response time, resolution time, and SLA metrics. Each metric can be further analyzed based on various ticket properties like source, type, priority, status, and the number of responses. 


You can choose a time period or the specific date range for which the report has to be generated using the Filter option. When you filter by time period, the percentage change for each metric is calculated using the number of days in the specified time period compared with the same number of days in the previous time period. 


You can use the Export PDF option to manually generate a PDF of the report. You can also create a schedule to automatically generate the report and have it sent to your email (learn more about scheduling reports here).


These are the metrics covered in the Helpdesk Performance report:

  • Time metrics - Average first response time, Average response time, Average resolution time, Average first assign time

  • SLA metrics - Tickets responded within SLA (First response SLA), Tickets resolved within SLA (Resolution SLA), Tickets resolved within FCR SLA (First contact resolution (FCR))


FeatureOld PlanCurrent Plan
Ticket drill-downGarden+Growth+
Custom drill-downEstate+Pro+
Custom property widgetEstate+Pro+

Ticket drill-down 

Click on any widget in the report for a detailed drill-down of tickets in the specified time period.


Below the graph, expand the 'Show Tabular Data' accordion to see the underlying raw data that fuels it. It will bring up a list of tickets that are associated with the chosen widget. You can use the gear button to select the various fields and properties you want to be added as columns to the table. The 'Ticket ID' column will give you the list of ticket IDs along with a link that will take you to the ticket. 


For example, if you click on 'Show Tabular Data' under the 'Tickets created split by source' widget, you will be able to see all the tickets created via the various sources during the selected time period. If you see an abnormal spike for a specific source, you can find out what is causing it and take necessary actions.


Custom drill-down

Click on any data point in your graph and a group-by drill-down will pop up. You can now dissect it by any dimension of your choice. 


For example, in the 'Created tickets split by source' widget, the tickets coming in via the 'feedback widget' alone are grouped by the Top 5 agents. This will help identify the Top 5 agents currently handling tickets created from the feedback widget in the last 30 days.

Note: If your helpdesk's SLA policy is associated with Business hours, then all these metrics would be calculated based on the Business hour configuration (under Admin > Business Hours) only.