As far as fun professions go, customer support isn't too high up on the list. Day after day of angry callers, frustrating bugs, repetitive replies and boring tasks, it's enough to suck the enthusiasm out of even your best support representative. And seeing as happy support agents translate to happy customers, chances are if your support team is not jumping with joy, your customers aren't either. Freshdesk lets you put the fun back into customer support by gamifying the entire support process via the Freshdesk Arcade. This is achieved by turning every support ticket into a chance to score points. The more points that the agents score, the higher they move up the leaderboard, the more trophies they win and the greater the bragging rights. Here's how you can enable the Freshdesk Arcade. 

How do the points work?

The trick to providing great customer support is to offer fast responses to customer queries and taking down problems in one shot, while making sure that the customer is happy with the solution. Agents are awarded points for solving tickets within an hour, bonus points if the ticket is closed after only one agent interaction and even more bonus points if the customer is happy (determined by the Satisfaction Survey). Agents can also be penalized for solving tickets past their SLA and for having unhappy customers.

The number of points to be awarded to agents can be set by the Admin under Admin > Agent Productivity > Arcade > Arcade Settings. You can also set milestone points for the agents to reach the next level. 

Arcade Settings in Freshdesk


Agents are also awarded badges and trophies based on the quests they complete and their position on the leaderboard. 


With every agent in your team starting to earn points, it's only fair that they are ranked at different levels based on their score. The more points they earn by resolving tickets and performing other helpdesk activities, the higher they climb up the ladder. The Admin gets to choose how many points an agent needs to score in order to reach a particular level. An Admin can also start agents off at levels higher than Beginner


Align your support with your business by setting up quests for your agents. Quests drive your agents to perform activities that benefit your brand. Here's how you can set them up. 


You can reset the points in the Arcade Settings to the default 100 points at any point of time. For instance, you might want your agents to start the leaderboard afresh when you are restructuring your team. In that case, click the Reset option found on the top right of the screen. A confirmation dialogue box will appear. Once you confirm Reset, the points your agents earned previously will be moved back to the default points. Please note that they will also lose the badges and trophies associated with them.