Customers reach out to businesses through various channels - email, chat, message, phone, and so on. However, emails are the most widely used and indispensable mode of communication and the core of customer service interaction.

However, if the emails from your Freshdesk account are not reaching your customers, please perform the following basic checks to help troubleshoot the issue. 


  • Email delivery failure: Please check if you see an email delivery failure in the ticket details page. The error message will highlight contributing factors like an unauthorized recipient address, an invalid domain, or server error.


  • Address added to drop queue: Sometimes, the customer's email address may be in the drop address, for which you can contact us to clear this immediately. 

  • Additionally, perform these checks below:

    1. Check if the email address is correct and not misspelled.
    2. Check if the email is not landing in the spam or junk folder of the recipient.
    3. Check if the email is not getting blocked by any anti-spam filter or firewall.
    4. Check if the email server is not down or experiencing any issues.
    5. Check if the email settings such as DKIM in Freshdesk are configured properly if email set up is configured using Freshdesk mail server.
    6. Check if the email is not getting filtered by any ticket automation or triggers in Freshdesk.
    7. Check if the email is not getting rejected due to any attachment size or file type limitations.


If the above checks are complete and still facing the issue, kindly capture the screenshot of the error and the mail headers of the ticket, and get in touch with, and one of our agents will assist you further.