These are the placeholders you might want to use when you have enabled Multilingual Support on the portal to support your global customers. 

Placeholder for Language Switcher 

In the portal, users will have an option to switch between the supported languages by using the language switcher. 


Return Type

What they mean

{{ portal | language_list }}
html Generates the language switcher on the portal

The code {{ portal | language_list }} will be automatically included with appropriate styles when {{ portal | welcome_navigation }} is already available. In case it is not available, then you have to add the code for language switcher. 

Note: You need to ensure that the styles match your brand, so it is always recommended to check the changes in draft mode before publishing it. 

Placeholder for Dynamic Text

In the portal, when you want to translate any of your hardcoded text such as the page header, title or footer similar to the Freshdesk support portal (as shown below), it can be translated to the required languages and loaded based on the language selected by the users. 

For example, if you want to translate the page title 'We are here to help!' in any other supported language, the translated text can be added based on the current portal language selection which can be accessed as {{ portal.current_language.code }} or {{ }}

Here is an example code that needs to be used on your portal customization code: 

{% if portal.current_language.code == "en" %}
We are here to help!
{% elsif portal.current_language.code == "fr" %}
Nous sommes ici pour aider!
{% elsif portal.current_language.code == "de" %}
Wir sind hier um zu helfen!
{% endif %}


Below are the list of supported languages and their respective codes:

Name Code
Name Code
Arabic ar
Portuguese/Portugal pt-PT
Catalan ca
Russian ru-RU
Czech cs
Slovak sk
Danish da
Slovenian sl
German de
Swedish sv-SE
English en
Turkish tr
Spanish (Latin America) es-LA
Vietnamese vi
Spanish es
Chinese zh-CN
Estonian et
Ukrainian uk
Finnish fi
Hebrew he
French fr
Thai th
Hungarian hu
Romanian ro
Indonesian id
Chinese (Traditional) zh-TW
Italian it

Japanese ja-JP

Korean ko

Norwegian nb-NO

Dutch nl

Polish pl

Portuguese (BR) pt-BR

Here's the list of placeholders for other categories such as, General Portal Information, Forums, Access to Solutions, Accessing Attachments and Using Snippets for critical behaviour.