Freshdesk allows you to easily manage multilingual knowledge base articles with article status

When your team is distributed across various regions or different teams handle different languages, using article statuses ensures that your content remains consistent across all languages.

How to manage translated articles using article status?

Let's assume you have a knowledge base article in English, French, and German. Here's how you can ensure that the article is consistent and updated in all languages.

  1. Open the specific knowledge base article in the primary language; for example, English. 
  2. On the right-pane, under Languages, click Mark other translations as outdated.

    You perform this action each time you update the primary article. This changes the status of the article in all other language as outdated.
  3. Once you make changes to the other language articles (French, German), click Mark<language> as up-to-update.

Note: Ensure to mark the translation as updated in each language article.

How to view outdated and untranslated articles?

To view all the outdated articles in a specific language, select the specific language from the Global language selector drop-down  and click on the knowledge base hamburger icon at the top-left corner.

Here, you can view the list of outdated and untranslated articles.