In the course of handling tickets, it’s common to have multiple agents working on the same ticket simultaneously. Freshdesk provides 3 tools to prevent agents from responding to a ticket without viewing the latest updates.

Agent Collision Detection

When other agents are working on the same ticket, an icon appears above the Properties widget. You can click the icon to see who else is acting on the ticket.

  • Eye icon: Another agent is looking at the ticket. 
  • Pen icon: Another agent is typing a reply to the ticket. 

Traffic Cop

When new responses are available on the ticket and an agent tries to send a reply without refreshing, the traffic cop feature will stop the reply and display an error message.

(Pro plans onwards) Auto Refresh

The auto-refresh notification shows the number of updates to the ticket made by other agents or the customer ever since the ticket was opened. If there are only property updates (like group or type updates), the auto-refresh notification glows without showing a number.