Note: This feature is currently not available on Freshdesk Mint.

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Create, Reply and Manage Tickets from Hootsuite Dashboard

All Plans

All Plans

Convert channel updates from Facebook directly to Freshdesk tickets

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All Plans

Feature Details:

The Hootsuite App for Freshdesk lets you manage your helpdesk and answer tickets right next to your social media communications.

You can now merge Hootsuite’s powerful social media capabilities with Freshdesk’s robust ticketing platform, enabling businesses to support customers on a wider variety of social networking sites. It lets businesses consume content across multiple sites quickly, monitor general perception of their brand and engage with them if necessary. With this application, you can:

  1. Monitor your Freshdesk ticket feed right next to your social media channels in Hootsuite without having to switch tabs or browsers.

  2. Create and respond to helpdesk tickets, edit properties, add notes to Freshdesk - from your Hootsuite dashboard.

  3. Convert conversations with customers on channels like Instagram and YouTube to tickets by e-mailing them to your support desk. Follow them up and resolve them more easily from the Freshdesk stream.

Installation Steps:

NOTE: The Hootsuite App engages on an agent-level basis. This means every agent in your helpdesk will have to individually set up the app for themselves from their account and cannot be done by an Admin on a helpdesk-wide basis.

Agent steps in Hootsuite

  1. Now, sign into your Hootsuite account.

  2. Go to App Directory → All Apps → Freshdesk

  3. Click on “Add to New Stream”

  4. Enter the necessary credentials - helpdesk URL, Username, Password

And you are set.

Using the App:

The application lets you manage your helpdesk right from within your Hootsuite dashboard. The Freshdesk stream in Hootsuite will show you (the agent), only the tickets that are assigned to you. You can respond to these tickets, add notes - both private and public, change ticket properties all from within your Hootsuite dashboard. You can also search for specific tickets and filter your ticket feed as required.

Once you’ve integrated Freshdesk into your Hootsuite dashboard, you will also be able to convert posts in other streams like Facebook into tickets in your helpdesk. The tickets will be automatically assigned to the agent creating them. You can also email posts from social media sites like Instagram and YouTube to your support email to convert them into tickets.

Note: Please make sure to connect your actual Freshdesk URL ( in the Auth page within the app and not your CNAME URL (


1. What can I do with this App?

  • Monitor and respond to tickets assigned to you in your helpdesk via Hootsuite

  • Monitor your company’s social media accounts right alongside your helpdesk

  • Convert Facebook posts into tickets in two clicks. Tickets will be assigned to you by default

  • Email conversations on social media sites like Instagram and YouTube

  • Filter tickets based on status or priority.

  • Search with keyword or ticket number to find what you want.

2. Can I convert Facebook posts to tickets?

Yes. You can convert any facebook posts on your hootsuite stream into a Freshdesk ticket. If your Facebook profile is linked to your helpdesk, then the tickets created will have their source as “Facebook” and have all associated data (such as Facebook name) automatically linked, so you can respond to them as well.

3. If I do not have social support set up in my helpdesk, can I still convert tickets from Facebook?

Yes. You can convert Facebook posts in Hootsuite into Freshdesk via this app. You do not need to set up social support in Freshdesk separately for this feature to work. However, any social media post that you convert to ticket will have ticket source as “Portal” in your helpdesk and the ticket creator will be you - the agent.

NOTE: If you create a ticket this way and have “Portal” as source, you will not be able to reply to the ticket from Freshdesk since Freshdesk doesn’t have access to the original requester’s details. You will only be able to track it. Once converted to a ticket, any responses made from facebook directly will not be threaded either.

4. Social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest are not supported by Freshdesk. Can I still convert posts from them into tickets?

In a way, yes. While you cannot directly convert social posts from Instagram and Pinterest into tickets, Freshdesk makes it considerably easier to register conversations on social media sites like Instagram or Foursquare as tickets in your helpdesk.

Clicking on the drop-down arrow next to each social post will give you the option to email your support desk the conversation. Sending the conversation to your helpdesk will create a ticket with the email id as “Requester” and you as the agent, assigned automatically.

Note: The source of the ticket will be marked as “Email” in your helpdesk. The “Ticket Requester” field can be changed at any time.

5. I am on Freshdesk’s Sprout plan. Can I still make use of these social support features?

Yes. Even if you are on Sprout plan, you can use the Hootsuite app to engage with customers and create tickets from social networks like Facebook, and Instagram. However, all tickets created will have sources listed as “Portal” or “Email” and won’t have any contact details associated with them. The “Ticket Requester” for these tickets will be the agent who has created them.

6. Can I attach files when responding to tickets via the Hootsuite App?

No. This App will only allow you to type a response to your customer. You will not be able to attach files or use canned responses or insert Solution Articles.

7. Can I add notes, Private or Public, via this application?

Yes, you can add notes to a ticket from this app.

If you have any other problems setting up your Hootsuite app, contact us at