Whenever a non-agent raises a ticket in your helpdesk, they get added as a contact. If you have enabled the user activation email for requesters they can set up a password by clicking on the link in the activation email sent to them. This option can be enabled under Admin > Workflows > Email Notifications > Requester Notification

However, if you do not have it enabled (or do not want to enable it), but still want a few of your customers to be able to access your customer portal, you can change/setup passwords on their behalf.

In the case of a customer requesting a password change, you can decide your preference based on the kind of business you run and the support volumes you deal with.

  • To change a password on behalf of the customer, go to Admin > Workflows > Email Notifications > Requester Notification and disable the User Activation email toggle button. This makes for a seamless experience for your customer who might otherwise have to follow multiple steps before they get access to your portal.

  • Your customers can change passwords themselves by hitting the forgot password option on the customer portal login page.

You will be able to change a contact’s password on the contact details page, if you are an Admin/Account Admin or any other agent with ‘Super Admin’ controls. Customers will not receive any automatic notification about the password change.

Note: Agents will not be able to set/change password for a contact which doesn't have an email address associated with it.

You can follow the steps mentioned in this video to reset contact's password