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Contact Screen and Contact Lists

The Freshdesk app lets you access details about any contact present in your helpdesk by clicking on the contacts icon present next to the tickets icon on the home screen. 


You can filter views as following through the menu on the top left.

  • All contacts

  • Verified contacts

  • Unverified contacts

  • Deleted contacts 

  • Blocked contacts



From here, you can tap on any contact to view further details. Alternatively, when you're viewing a ticket, you can tap on a contact's picture to see the same information. You can also search for contacts using the search icon to easily access a contact.



Customer Contact Details:

Once you click on a customer contact, the following details appear under the profile:

  • Their full name

  • Email ID

  • Contact number (either via the default phone app or via Freshdesk's phone channel, if it's enabled on your account)

  • Time zone

  • Language used to contact


Depending on your ticket field configuration, the fields displayed will vary. 

The tickets tab displays the ticket history. You can access these tickets from here to get a better context.


Edit Contact Details

The edit option on the top right gives you access to edit the customer details. You can also add in additional information and click submit to save the changes.



Create New Ticket

To create a new ticket with the selected customer/contact as requester, click on the ticket icon displayed below their name.


When you place a call via the Freshdesk app, and your Freshdesk account is integrated with a Freshcaller account, one of the following scenarios would take place:


  • If you have the freshcaller app installed, you will be redirected to the app.

  • If freshcaller app isn’t installed in your iphone device, clicking on the option redirects to the app store.

  • If you do not have freshcaller enabled, you will be routed to your phone’s native dialer.

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