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Reply, Add Notes, and Forward a ticket


To reply to a ticket, click on the ‘tap to reply’ section at the bottom of the screen. You can straightaway add a note or forward the ticket using the icons in the same section. 

  • Clicking on Reply will bring up the reply editor. You can type in the reply and send it. You can add a cc or bcc from here too.

  • To add a note from the reply editor, click on the Reply drop down on the top of your screen and click on Add note, this will bring up the Add Note screen. Type in the information, use the toggle 'Visible to customer' to make it private or public and click on 'Add Note'. 

  • To forward a ticket from the reply editor, click on the reply drop down on the top of your screen and click on Forward, this will bring up the Forward Message screen. Specify the address you want to forward the ticket to in the To, CC, and BCC fields. You may enter a message along with the ticket that you forward, at the bottom. Click on the Forward button to forward the ticket.


The drop down on the Sendbutton will give you options to change the status of the ticket to Pending, Resolved or any of the other statuses available.


Canned Responses, Solutions, and Attachments

You can add canned responses, solutions, and attachments to your ticket response. Click on the respective icons that appear adjacent to the send button, towards the bottom of the screen. These options are available while you are on the editor responding to a ticket, forwarding a ticket or adding a note.



Ticket properties, Closing a ticket and using Scenario Automations


When you open a ticket, the tab on top gives you three options:

  • Watch a ticket (star icon) - You will be added as a watcher to that ticket.

  • Edit properties (pencil Icon) - You will be able to edit properties of a ticket such as its Requester, Priority, Status, Agent and other attributes.

  • More options (3 dots) - This button gives you options to ‘Close ticket’, ‘Delete’,  execute ‘Scenarios’, and more. You can also use the 'Due date' option to specify a due date manually for tickets. The due date times are set based on the timezone chosen in agent profile.

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