1. Can customers use the Freshdesk mobile app to check on their tickets?

No. The Freshdesk mobile app is designed to make it easier agents to handle tickets coming into their helpdesk. Your customers cannot use the mobile app to check the status or respond to their tickets.

2. I am unable to login to the app. Reinstalling the app also doesn't work. Why?

There is one reason why logging in might fail. If you use Twitter to login to your helpdesk, you'll have to reset your password by using the 'Forgot password' screen, and then login with the new password.

3. My phone got stolen. How do I disconnect my Freshdesk account from my phone?

We are sorry that your phone got stolen. In order to disassociate your Freshdesk account from your phone, you will have to reset the API key in your helpdesk via a desktop browser. Log into your Freshdesk account, click on your Profile Pic --> Profile Settings. In the sidebar on the right, you will have the option to reset your API key. 

NOTE: Changing passwords will not disconnect your Freshdesk account from your phone. You must reset the API key to do so.  

4. What do the color codes on the left of each ticket indicate?

Just like on the web, the color codes indicate priority. Tickets marked with a red strip on the left are urgent priority, orange corresponds to high, blue is for medium priority and green represents low priority.

5. Why are some tickets greyed out?

Tickets that have been closed or resolved appear greyed out on the mobile app.

6. How do I assign tickets to other agents?

Right now, you'll have to open a ticket, click on the icon on top right to edit its properties, and choose the agent from the Agent dropdown to assign tickets to them.You can assign tickets to yourself by long pressing and selecting multiple tickets from the Tickets page, and tapping the Pickup icon.

7. How do I add watchers to a ticket?

Once you expand a ticket, you can hit the star icon right below the back button to add yourself or other agents as watchers. Agents who watch tickets will receive notifications when they're updated. 

8. Can I switch between multiple addresses when responding to customers?

Yes, all you need to do is tap on the address in the From box when you're on the ticket reply screen, and pick the one you want to reply from. 

9. I had already used the notifications screen to pick tickets I want to be alerted about, but it's been a while since I got any notifications?

You may have logged out of the app and logged in again. If you log out and login again, you will have to reconfigure your notification settings. We understand this is inconvenient, but please bear with us as we work towards changing this behaviour soon.

10. I have multiple phone numbers configured on the Freshdesk phone channel. How do I switch between them?

You can go to the Phone tab, and click on the button on top right to bring up the call dialer. Once there, you can use the menu on top to switch between different numbers. 

11. Besides using up credits bought, do I also incur additional charges when calling customers via the Freshdesk app?

No, you don't incur additional charges when calling via the Freshdesk app on Android or iOS, as long as you're connected on WiFi. If you're on a data connection, you'll be liable to charges from your carrier on the account of using up data for calls.  

12. Can I listen to past call recordings?

Yes, just swipe left across any number in call history and a play button will pop up as long as it's not a missed call.

13. How do I see notes agents may have added for calls?

You can swipe to click on the View button to see the corresponding ticket with notes. If the call hasn't been converted to a ticket yet, you can use the tap on the Convert button to create a ticket out of it.

14. I'm not receiving any calls via the phone channel. Why?

You may have disabled phone channel notifications on the web. Doing that silences notifications across all devices. 

15. I've already gone through some notifications but they still appear on the Notifications screen. Why?

Currently, you'll have to explicitly clear notifications you've read by using the clear button on top right.

16. I see that you have apps for iOS and Android. Is there one for Windows Phone?

We're currently focused on giving our users the best possible experience on iOS and Android and don't have plans for a Windows app at the moment. 

17. Wait! Is there an iPad app as well?

Yes, indeed! Go here to download it.