For every email or ticket received in Freshdesk, the follow-up conversations have the ticket ID on the subject line of the emails. However, you can customize your email subject line to show or hide the ticket ID and make it more personal.

Note that the replies from customers will still be added to the corresponding ticket thread and will not get converted to a new ticket. 

This article provides instructions on:

  1. Adding ticket ID in the subject of the reply emails 
  2. Removing Ticket ID in automatic email notifications

Adding ticket ID in the subject of the reply emails 

When you remove the ticket ID from the email subject, the ticket ID will be removed only from manual ticket replies and forwards. However, all the email notifications will still have the ticket ID in the subject by default. You can manually remove it from these notifications. 

  1. Login to your support portal as an administrator
  2. Go to the Admin > Workflows > Email notifications.
  3. Click on the Templates tab.
  4. Click on the edit button next to the Agent Reply Template.
  5. By default, the subject line will only have the {{ticket.subject}}.
  6. Add the placeholder {{}} (by clicking on the Insert Placeholder button) if you want all your replies to carry the ticket ID in their subject lines.

Removing Ticket ID in automatic email notifications

  1. Under email notifications, choose the Requester Notifications tab.
  2. The ticket ID placeholder will be included in the subject line for these notifications:
    • New ticket created
    • Agent adds comment to a ticket
    • Agent solves the ticket
    • Agent closes the ticket
  3. Click on the Edit button next to these notifications.
  4. Remove the [#{{}}] placeholder from the subject text box.

    Now, the notifications to requesters regarding their tickets will not carry the ticket ID. Their replies to the notification emails will get appended to the corresponding older ticket. For example, when your requester replies to the notification that says ticket #12345 has been received in your helpdesk, his reply is added to ticket #12345, no new ticket is created.