Unified Analytics consolidates your analytics for bots, chat, and phone in one intuitive interface.

Currently, analytics for bots, chat, and phone are bifurcated, and there is no way to see metrics for all CX products on a single report:

With Unified Analytics, we are bringing analytics for all CX products within a single interface


What is new 

Here's what is new with this enhancement:

  1. Unified Reports and Analytics: Access data from all CX products through a single report on the Support Overview Dashboard. Customize unified reports to fit your specific needs.

  2. API-Based Exports: Seamlessly export data from all CX products using APIs, facilitating easy integration with your existing systems.

  1. Advanced Statistical Operations: Perform statistical operations such as median, standard deviation, and percentile calculations using the custom attribute feature.

  1. Sorting of Visualizations: Enhance data visualization by sorting visualizations, allowing for clearer insights.

  1. Report Sharing at a User Level: Share reports with specific team members, ensuring that everyone has access to the insights they need.

  1. Multiple Schedules and Data Exports: Set up multiple schedules and data exports conveniently within the same module.

What is changing

To ensure a smooth transition to Unified Analytics, it's important to note the following:

  • Custom Reports: Custom reports you've created in standalone Analytics will not be available in Unified Analytics. You will need to recreate them within the new interface.

  • Schedules and Data Exports: Your existing schedules and data exports will continue functioning as usual. However, please be aware that they won't be listed on the Data Exports page for Support Analytics.

You can continue to access your custom reports and exports through the following URL: <domain>/crm/messaging/reports

Comparison between the structure of reports

Unified Analytics brings a more consistent and streamlined report structure, combining data points from various sources for better usability. Here's a quick comparison:

Bot Analytics

Chat Analytics

Chatbot overview report

Answers performance analysis report Resolutions and agent handover report Messages overview report

Customer satisfaction report Conversations overview report

System performance report 

Conversations overview report, 

Customer satisfaction report

SLA compliance report

Agent availability report

Channel performance report

Team performance report

On unified analytics, we have combined reports to provide the same data points with better usability. The reports we have on unified analytics are:

Report Name

Reports combined from standalone analytics

Chatbot Overview Report

Chatbot overview report

Conversations overview report

Messages overview report

Customer Satisfaction Report

Session Consumption Report

Resolution and Agent Handover Report

Natural Language Performance Report

Answers Performance Analysis

Chatbot System Performance Report

System Performance Report

Chat Conversations Overview Report

Conversations Overview Report, Customer Satisfaction Report

SLA Compliance Report

SLA Compliance Report

Channel Performance Report

Channel Performance Report

Team Performance Report

Team Performance Report

Agent Availability Report