When adding an agent to your account, you choose between two types of agents. Full-time agents and Occasional agents.

Here are the differences between full-time and occasional agents

Full-time agents
Occasional agents
These agents will log into your account regularly
These agents will only need access to your account only on special occasions. 
They are usually your support agents and admins who talk to your customers everyday.They are usually part-time support agents who helps you manage your support volume during peak seasons or a marketing executive who builds your chatbots.
You will need to purchase a license for every full-time agent you add to your account. You can add any number of occasional agents to your account, but they will need day pass to access your account. Learn more about day passes.

Although both full-time and occasional agents will have the same permissions, we recommend setting up your account and integrations using a full-time agent to avoid authentication issues.

How to change your agent's type?

You can always change an occasional agent to a full-time agent or vice-versa after they have been added to your account.

To change an agent's type

  1. Go to Admin settings > Team Management > Users and Roles > Users
  2. Select the agent whose type you want to change
  3. Under User type select the agent type you want to change to
  4. Click on Save to save your changes.

If you have any more questions, please reach out to your account manager or write to us at support@freshchat.com