Workflows allow you to automate actions as soon as an event trigger occurs or at a specific date/time. You can now set up workflows for custom modules to automatically update field properties, send email alerts, and send notifications to third-party apps via webhooks. 

To create a workflow for a custom module,

  1. Start from Admin Settings > Teams and Territories > Workflows. Click on Create workflow

  2. Here, choose the custom module you want the workflow to execute.

  1. Set up your conditions and actions as listed here.

Trigger actions on related records (lookup field) with workflows

Lookup fields allow us to create relationships between different modules. You can set up workflows to trigger actions for the related records linked by lookup fields.

For example, we have a lookup field called “Primary Customer” in the Deal module. And the lookup fields look up a contact that is the Primary Customer for the deal; we will communicate via email critical, transactional information to this Primary Customer. 

You can also perform the following actions for the records linked by lookup fields:  

  • Update record (Default and Custom Modules)

  • Send email to owner of the related record (Default and Custom Modules)

  • Send email to record (Only if the lookup record is a Contact)