This feature is currently available on the Freshsales Suite only for those customers who signed up after 12th July, 2023. 

Power Dialer is an automatic outbound dialer that lets you call a selected list of phone numbers or saved contacts one after another.

Consider you are a sales executive or an agent trying to find new prospects or leads for your business, which requires you to make many outgoing calls daily. Usually, in this case, you may have to manually copy-paste each number and call. However, with Power Dialer, you can simply import a list of contacts or select existing customers from your account's contacts and sequentially dial the numbers.

With Power Dialer, you can:

  • Reduce manual effort
  • Increase your productivity and performance
  • Meet your sales targets

User Requirements: Any user with an agent, supervisor, admin, or account admin role can use the Power Dialer feature.

Adding Contacts To Power Dialer

Note: The maximum number of contacts you can import at a given time is 1000.

Freshcaller allows you to build your customer list for power dialing directly from your contactsThis will be useful when you want to quickly start calling your customers and avoid any manual effort.

  1. Log into your account.
  2. From the left pane, click Contacts.
  3. Select the list of contacts you want to add to the Power Dialer list.
  4. Click on Add to power dialer list.
    The selected contacts will be added to the Power Dialer list. You can see the number of contacts imported in the pop-up that appears. Click on Go to Power Dialer list to go to the Power Dialer page.
    Alternatively, you can check the Power Dialer list from Contacts > Power Dialer list.

    Start Power Dialing
  5. After you add the required contacts, you can start power dialing. On the Power Dialer List click on Start Power Dialing.
  6. Once you are done with the current call, click Dial Next to call the next customer in the queue.
  7. If you want to pause power dialing for a brief time, click on the End button.
  8. To resume power dialing, click again on Start Power Dialing. Calls will be resumed from the last dialed number.