What is Freshworks CRM?

An effective CRM software breaks organizational silos across sales, marketing, and support, allowing businesses to connect with customers across all touchpoints in one system.

Freshworks CRM is a cloud CRM software that gives businesses of all sizes everything they need to manage their business in a hassle-free package. With a highly intuitive UI and a robust feature set, Freshworks CRM is designed to help your business – right from attracting prospective leads to nurturing relationships throughout the customer lifecycle. 

With Freshworks CRM, you can gain complete context into customer behavior, engage meaningfully, nurture customers for upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and never miss a chance to close more deals.

Read on to get acquainted with Freshworks CRM.

Navigate Through the UI

When you open your Freshworks CRM home page, here’s everything you’ll see.

The home page is the main view of all the products you have signed up for with Freshworks. From here you can navigate to the Freshworks CRM product. You can also edit your profile by clicking on the Edit Profile button.

Click on the icon under My Accounts to open Freshworks CRM. Here’s what you’ll see. 

The Activities Dashboard is your one-stop view for all your to-dos and scheduled appointments. This page will tell you what sales activities need to be done for today, tomorrow, or even the coming week—and at what time.

From here, you can navigate across the product with the icons on the left pane. On the left pane, you can see

  • Contacts and Accounts: A list of all the contacts, lists and accounts present in your account

  • Deals: A list of all business opportunities or ‘Deals’ present in your CRM

  • Sales Conversations: Access all features necessary to communicate with your customers like the Inbox, Sales Email Templates, Sales Sequences, Bulk Email, Phone, SMS, Voicemail Drop, etc.

  • Marketing Automation: Access all marketing features like Segments, Journeys, Journey Templates, Journey Emails, Email Campaigns, Transactional Emails, Offline Events and more

  • Admin Settings: Make configurations related to your Freshworks CRM account from the Admin Settings page. It allows you to define the behavior of your modules, add users, create workflows, and do more with your CRM

Access Admin Settings Button

The Admin Settings page gives you control over your CRM and allows you to configure the account to suit your business needs. Here’s everything you can do from the Admin Settings page:

  • Communication Channels: Configure email, phone, chat and other communication channels for your account. 

  • Sales Force Automation: Configure all sales-specific settings related to Contacts, Accounts, Pipelines, Sales Activities, Sales Goals and more. Customize the CRM to suit your business needs by renaming modules, and configuring each module to capture relevant business information. Customize pipeline stages and Sales Activities to match your unique sales processes. Reduce manual effort for business tasks by automating repetitive tasks with Workflows and Auto-assignment Rules. 

  • Data Import and Migration: Import records such as Contacts, Accounts, and Deals into your CRM by uploading them as a .CSV or .XLSX file and track the history of all imports. Migrate your data from other CRMs into Freshworks CRM in one-click.

  • Marketplace and Integrations: Integrate your website and necessary apps with your CRM.

  • Users and Permissions: Manage all your users in the CRM and set up permissions on what they can do. Organise users into groups or teams for easy collaboration.

  • Account settings: Access details on your account and upgrade to a higher plan from your existing plan.

Now that you know your way around Freshworks CRM, let’s move to the next chapter on how to migrate from another CRM and import from .CSV or .XLSX files.