Integrate your website and web app with your Freshworks CRM account to capture website visitors as contacts, track their activities, pages viewed and update their information in real-time in Freshworks CRM. An Event in Freshworks CRM refers to your customer’s interaction with your website. Events are the most effective way to identify active contacts.

With Freshworks CRM Event Tracking you can: 

  • Capture website visitors as contacts in Freshworks CRM.

  • Track their page views.

  • Track their activities as events.

You can push events to Freshworks CRM using CRM Code library. Once you've started collecting events in Freshworks CRM, you can filter your contacts based on the events they’ve performed.

Here's how you can filter contacts by events.

  1. Click on the Filter icon to open the filters pane from the list view page

  1. Click Add filter

  2. Choose Events.

  1. Choose a condition to filter from the dropdown.

Conditions for Events





Lists contacts who have done an event

To list contacts who clicked on the pricing page.

not done

Lists contacts who have not done an event

To view contacts who have not clicked on the Unsubscribe link in Blogs

done in the last 7 days

Lists contacts who performed the event in the last 7 days

Filter contacts who clicked on a campaign banner in the last 7 days

Has done in the last 30 days

Lists contacts who performed the event in the last 30 days

Filter contacts who signed up in the last 30 days.

By count

Contacts who have done an event N number of times.

Filter contacts who raised more than 5 support tickets.

  1. Choose the Event value.

  1. You will now get a list of contacts who performed the event. You can now save it as a view, bulk email, or bulk update those contacts.