Battlecards help sales reps handle objections effectively. Admins can create and update battlecard articles, providing valuable strategies. Freddy AI learns from these battlecards and suggests them to users based on the notes added to their contacts or deals. This happens real-time and helps users shave off valuable time spent in competitor research.

Table of contents

Creating a Battlecard

Note: Only users with access to Admin Settings can work on Battlecards

Here’s how a battlecard can be created:

  1. Go to  Admin Settings > Account Settings, and click Battlecards.

    This opens the Battlecards page where all battlecards in Freshsales are hosted. Battlecards are organized into a three-level hierarchy— Categories, Folders, and Battlecards— simplifying navigation and access to relevant information. Freshsales also offers sample battlecards to help you get started.
  2. Click to add a new Battlecard. This brings up a new draft battlecard.

  3. Add relevant details such as Title and Content, and place the battlecard under a category and folder of your choice. Once done, click to make the battlecard live.
    Once published live, Freddy learns from the Battlecard content and suggest sales reps with competitive intelligence in real-time based on the notes they’ve created.

Using Battlecards

Battlecard suggestions (For users)

Battlecards serve as ready reference material for sales reps when they are working on Contacts. When you make note of queries in the Notes section, Freddy understands the queries and suggests relevant battlecards in real-time.

Battlecard feedback (For users)

The Battlecards suggested depend on content maintained by admin teams. Providing feedback can help admin teams revisit battlecards and continuously improve the content. Similarly, Freshsales' product teams also regularly improve Freddy's capabilities based on training data. Providing feedback is a great way to help improve the accuracy of suggestions. If you find the battlecard suggestions less relevant or inaccurate, mark No to register feedback. This presents you with a pop-up where you can write why your experience fell short.

  • If the battlecard is short on information, send feedback to your admin team by selecting the first option and provide a written feedback. This feedback is passed to the author and all account admins.
  • When the second option is selected, feedback is submitted, it is passed to the Freshsales team. This will help our team make continuous improvements to the AI-powered suggestions.

Managing Battlecards (For Admins)

When feedback is submitted by the user, the admins and authors of the battlecard will receive an email with the description captured.