The Admin Settings page in the Customer Service Suite has been revamped and is now enhanced for your day-to-day usage. We're excited to unveil a fresh look that combines the conversational prowess of Freshchat with the robust ticketing capabilities of Freshdesk. This upgrade is not just about aesthetics; it provides easier access to crucial settings. We've organized the configurations under intuitive headings, streamlining your experience.

Here’s what's new:

1. Enhanced left navigation bar: Navigate with ease through our revamped left navigation bar. All sections are intelligently grouped, providing a seamless pathway to your desired destination. A simple click opens the subsections, presenting each setting in the center of the screen. This streamlined design ensures a quicker and more intuitive journey through your admin configurations.

2. Recent section under the search bar: Introducing the ‘Recent’ section - your shortcut to efficiency. This feature compiles all the recent settings you searched for, listed conveniently under the search bar. Each entry is clickable, allowing you to revisit recent configurations effortlessly without the need to search again. Say goodbye to redundant searches and welcome a more user-friendly way to navigate your Admin Settings page.