We're upgrading your Freshsales free CRM experience to  the new version; here are some answers to your FAQs:

How will my account be migrated?

A clone of your existing Freshsales account is created and will be moved into the new Freshsales account. Your current Freshsales account remains undisturbed and will continue to serve as your production account until you are ready to make the switch to your new CRM account. Once our engineering team completes the migration, you can start using the new Freshsales account immediately, and the old account will be deprecated.

Can I upgrade to a paid plan?

You can upgrade your Freshsales account to the paid plans listed here. To upgrade your account, head over to Plans and Billings from Admin Settings.

Will there be any data loss in my account during/after the migration?
We will migrate all of your data along with the migration. However, since we will be migrating your account out-of-place, any changes made to your account after the migration begins will not be migrated. We will communicate with you once the migration is complete.

The Leads module in Freshsales is missing. How will my Lead data in Freshsales be migrated?
Your Leads will be converted to contacts, accounts, and deals based on the lead conversion mapping available in your account, with email as the unique identifier. The lead data and its associated configurations will be migrated as per below:
- You may have had duplicate records with the same email address in your Classic Freshsales instance. On the new account, these records will be merged to eliminate duplication.

- Please note that if you are using your account during or post the migration, the data created in the old account will not be moved to the new account. 

- All Sales Sequences, Workflows, and Webforms will be migrated. The rules will be converted to operate on contacts with the lifecycle stage *lead*.
- All territory rules on leads will be converted to auto-assignment rules on contacts with the lifecycle stage *lead*.
- All lead filters and lead timeline events will be migrated.
- Lead scores will no longer be valid. We will use ML-based contact scoring instead.
- Leads with a deactivated user set as the owner will be unassigned during migration
- If there are lead fields mapped to non-contact fields that are being used in Workflows, Sales Sequences, Territory rules, Webforms, etc., these rules will not be migrated.

Will there be any service disruption during the migration process?
Since this is an out-of-place migration, there will not be any service disruption, and you can continue using your existing Classic Freshsales account. However, we will request you minimize your account usage during the migration period(mentioned in the email) in order to reduce data accumulation during the migration process. The data created on your account from the day of migration will not be moved into the new CRM account, this delta data won’t be ported to the new Freshsales account.

What steps do I need to take to ensure that my newly migrated Freshsales account is business-ready?
After the migration is complete, all outgoing emails will be disabled. Sales sequences and Workflows will also not be executed.

- Add new DNS records so as not to impact your email deliverability. Follow the instructions mentioned here to verify your domain.
Reconnect your inbox and make changes to your sales email forwarding settings once you are ready to make the switch.
- Make changes to API integrations so they can start talking to the new CRM instance. API integrations with leads need to be changed so it can talk to contacts instead.
- Reports and dashboards will not be auto-created. Freshsales provides a built-in Analytics module, and you can re-create the reports post-migration.
- Set up Website Chat in Freshsales. If you use the existing Freshchat integration, you will have to manually reconfigure chat post-migration in the new Freshsales Chat instance.
- Freshsales comes with its own caller functionality, which will have to be manually reconfigured by the customer post-migration.

-For any billing issues, please write to us at crm-support@freshworks.com, and we’ll have this sorted for you.