By auto-updating territories to records, you can keep your records in sync with your CRM user’s territories, reduce manual efforts, and ensure consistency.

For the CRM to automatically assign a territory to a record, it should be able to pick the right territory from the several ones a user can access.

Main territory and Other territories for users

Users can be associated with multiple territories in the CRM, but they will primarily focus on a designated main territory where they will pursue targets. They might also be associated with other territories to have temporary access to data in those territories.

To automatically assign territories to records based on the owner of the record, admins should be able to configure the main territory and other territories for every user.

Based on the above configuration, turning on the auto-update feature for territories in your CRM will categorize users into main users and other users and territories into main territory and other territories. This categorization helps the CRM to automatically assign a user’s records to their main territory.

Note: A user can have only one main territory, but a territory can have multiple main users.

Understanding auto-update of territories

Look at the example below:

  1. The territory North America has 3 main users

  2. When a new account Acme is assigned to John Grayson, it is automatically assigned to North America (i.e. John Grayson's main territory)

How to enable automatic assignment of territories to records

  1. Navigate to Admin Settings > Teams & Territories > Territories.

  2. Under Advanced Settings, enable the "Auto-update territory for records" toggle to activate automatic assignment. 

    Once this is enabled, 

    1. In the user list view, the territories get split into the main territory and other territories

    2. In the territories list view, you can view the main users and other users

Note: The auto-update feature for territories applies only to new record assignments and does not change the territory data of past records.

  1. During creation or updation of records, territory value is auto-populated based on the owner selected. However, you still have the option to manually edit the territory value.

Below is an example of a contact form

  1. If you have enabled Record Types and auto-assignment of territories, you will no longer have the option to configure choices in the 'Territory' field located under 'Roles - Permissions'.