Use case: 

When a new contact is added with their LinkedIn details, a follow-up task is created for the sales owner, reminding them to send a LinkedIn connection request. This helps sales teams use LinkedIn to connect and engage with new leads.


1. Improve Engagement with New Leads:

Automate key social interactions, enhancing engagement with potential clients across diverse communication channels.
2. Building a Consistent Sales Process with Best Practices:

This workflow empowers your team to consistently apply best practices, ensuring that every interaction aligns with your social selling strategy and brand image.

Configuring this workflow: 

1. Select the Module as Contacts.

2. Trigger: Set the workflow to trigger once for each new record to avoid triggering it for existing contacts multiple times. Since we typically would only send a LinkedIn connection once.

3. Conditions: 

  • Owner is assigned (not empty)
    Ensure that the automation runs only for new leads with an assigned owner, allowing you to assign a task to the owner to send the LinkedIn connection.
  • The LinkedIn profile is available
    This would make it easier and more contextual for sellers. Since they will have the LinkedIn profile of the contact to send the LinkedIn connection. 

4. Action: Select "Add task" step
Give a suitable name, description, and due time for the Task that gets automatically created.

NOTE: This workflow becomes very powerful with the Freshsales Auto-enrichment feature. The moment the enrichment happens we can trigger this workflow. Learn more - Auto-enrichment

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