With the Freshsales and ZoomInfo integration, gain comprehensive insights into Contacts and Accounts including company details, organizational structure, real-time news, purchase intent data, and contact history. You can also auto-enrich the data in Freshsales from ZoomInfo.

What is ZoomInfo?

ZoomInfo is a powerful tool designed to assist sales representatives in identifying and engaging with high-value customers. Leveraging data-driven insights and buying signals, the app enables users to connect with companies that are ready to make purchasing decisions. By gathering information from various public sources, including company and employee data, you can equip users with valuable information to establish meaningful connections with their target audience.

One of ZoomInfo's key features is the ability to identify contacts who are actively seeking the services and products offered by our customers. With access to purchase intent signals from over 300 domains, ZoomInfo facilitates the identification of hot leads, providing valuable opportunities for sales teams.

How to integrate ZoomInfo with Freshsales?

  1. Go to Admin Settings > Apps & Integrations > Marketplace Apps

  1. In the Marketplace page that appears, Search for ZoomInfo

  1. On the ZoomInfo page, click Install

  1. In the Configuration page that appears, enter the following details:

  • ZoomInfo username/email

  • ZoomInfo client ID

  • ZoomInfo API key (ZoomInfo admin portal > APIs and webhooks > Generate new token)

  1. Click Save and Connect

  2. Under the Settings tab, fill in the following information

    1. ZoomInfo settings

Adding contacts from ZoomInfo to Freshsales - Enable or disable users to add contacts from ZoomInfo into Freshsales. If enabled, users can add contacts manually. Users will only be able to see contact information if disabled. Also, you can set the number of users who can be added from ZoomInfo into Freshsales.

Use the Auto enrichment of data section to choose the views in which Contact or Account data has to be auto-enriched.

  1. Contact and Account field mapping

Map Contact and Company ZoomInfo fields with the respective fields in Freshsales. This is a one-way sync. When there is an update to a field in ZoomInfo, the value in Freshsales will also be changed. 

For example, if the Job Title of a Contact in ZoomInfo changes from Sales Manager to Regional Sales Manager, the same will be reflected in Freshsales.

Note: Required fields should be mapped to continue with the integration

  1. Activity history

The Activity history tab helps you understand the status of auto and user-initiated record creation. Click Enrich now for a manual enrichment of contact/account data.

  1. Click See details to view the status of the enrichment

  2.  Click Download error CSV to view why the enrichment or bulk manual addition of contacts failed

Once the integration is completed, you can view data from ZoomInfo in Freshsales under the Customer 360 or detail pages.

How to use ZoomInfo app in Freshsales?

There are ZoomInfo tabs that you can use to know more about a Lead, Contact and Account:

  1. Overview: The overview tab in ZoomInfo provides a comprehensive snapshot of an account. It includes key information such as the company's name, location, industry, size, revenue, and contact details of top executives. Additionally, you can find a brief description of the company, its products or services, recent news, and any other relevant details that can help you gain a better understanding of the organization.

You have the option to access the employment history, education details, and contact information within contact profiles. If a specific account cannot be located in ZoomInfo, the platform will display potential matching results. Users have the option to manually enhance and update the information initially. This ensures that the accurate details will be presented the next time the user attempts to access that account.

  1. Org Chart: The Org Chart tab in ZoomInfo offers a visual representation of the list of employees in any department of the company. By exploring the org chart, you can identify decision-makers, department heads, and other key contacts that can be instrumental in your business interactions and outreach efforts. You can add key decision-makers from here to Freshsales, create meetings and tasks with the new contacts, and also add bulk contacts.

  1. Intent: The Intent tab in ZoomInfo provides insights into the company's online activities, such as the topics they are researching or showing interest in. This information can help you gauge the account's purchase intent, identify potential opportunities, and tailor your outreach efforts to align with their interests and needs. For each of the intent, you get a list of contacts to reach out to.

  1. Scoops: The Scoops tab in ZoomInfo presents valuable real-time news and insights about the account. It aggregates and displays recent articles, press releases, blog posts, social media updates, and other relevant information related to the company. This helps you stay up to date with the latest developments and trends associated with the Contact/Account, enabling you to tailor your communications and sales strategies accordingly.

  1. History of Contacts Added: The History of Contacts Added tab in ZoomInfo keeps track of the contacts that have been added to the account over time.