Zapier is a tool to connect two apps and make them work together. To connect the apps, you need to create a, 

Zap: Combination of an input and the desired output as a result of the input.

  • Trigger: The input of the Zap, which initiates any process.

  • Action: The result or output that takes place because of the input. 

You can integrate your Freshsales account with Zapier by following the steps listed below.

  1. Login to Freshsales

  1. Go to Admin Settings > Apps & Integrations > Marketplace Apps

  1. On the Marketplace, Search for Zapier

  2. On the Zapier app page, click Visit Site to install and you’ll be directed to Zapier

  1. If you already have a Zapier account, log in. Else sign up to explore this integration’s possible workflows.

  2. Choose the apps you use and finish setup

7. Before you start to create a zap, you need to decide on the following,

  • The app from which the trigger is fetched

  • What should the trigger be?

  • What action should take place as a consequence?

  • The app in which the action should take place

How to create a zap?

A. TRIGGER: Let’s say our trigger is any new contact created in Freshsales

  1. Give you zap a name and choose your app and event to trigger


Freshsales will be pre-populated as the app for trigger by default. You can change it to any app of your choice.

  1. Choose the Freshsales/Freshsales Suite account

  1. Next, select your trigger. You can choose the specific contact view here to which a new contact will be assigned on creation.

  1. Click Test Trgger, to test the connection from Freshsales and Zapier

B. ACTION: Every new contact created in Freshsales (Trigger) should be added as a contact to a calendar event on Google Calendar (Action)

  1. Choose the app in which the action should take place as the response to the trigger.          Let’s use Google Calendar in this case.

  1.    Choose the Event as ‘Add Attendee/s to Event’

  1. Choose the Google calendar account

  1. Choose the event in your calendar to which new contacts should be added

  1. Click Test to check the configuration


Similar to the above Freshsales trigger, you can perform Freshsales actions in Zapier. Click here to know the actions you can perform in Freshsales.