As a CSM with the NPS role permission, you can send an NPS survey by navigating to NPS on the left nav > click Surveys > click +New survey button and follow the below steps:
  1. Select an available NPS survey template

  2. Name and description - this will be used to identify the survey and the set of responses collected from it

  3. Modify the template survey design (see above for help with survey design)

  4. Configure email channel settings:

    • Sender name - this will show up on each customer's email as the sender before email address

    • Sender email 

      • select from the available email addresses as setup in Email configuration

      • change replyto email to being different than sender email

    • Subject - edit the text seen on email subject by each recipient of survey

    • Header - customize the top of the email before the survey score widget, typically reserved to greet the recipient. Be sure to use placeholders to add first name, etc.

    • Footer - customize the area below the survey score widget, typically reserved for an email signature. 

    • Unsubscribe link - option to include a link to unsubscribe the recipient from any consequent NPS email surveys. If user opts out they will not get any future surveys in their inbox.

  5. Audience config:

    1. frequency:

      • one time - will send the email survey once to each of the specified set of users

      • recurring - can send email surveys multiple times (limited by defined wait time) to the dynamic set of users determined by the user segment rule. 

    2. Audience

      • List - select an existing list created in Management center > Segments and lists > lists. The set of contacts do not change with selection of this option

      • Segment - select an existing segment created in Management center > segments and lists > segments. The set of contacts can change based on the defined rule. 

    3. Schedule

      • Can set time for each user to send first survey dynamically using a user date field. This allows you to trigger the first survey based on specific user attribute such as first login date, or user last seen date.

      • Wait time (only for recurring) - set # of days before sending a survey again based on segment rule

      • Reminder dates - can specify when reminders go out after first survey

      • Disable survey - enable this if you'd like to stop collecting response after a certain number of days after first survey

      • Survey cap - you can limit # of surveys sent per day to avoid hitting email platform limits 

      • Response window - if disabled, survey will continue to send surveys until user ends the survey manually. Alternatively, you can configure end of survey based on:

        • limiting # of responses

        • future date

  6. Activation - once completed with above, click Activate. You can select for it to be activated right away, or even activate at a future date.

Once activated, users can:

  • Pause survey - no survey emails will be sent while being paused. Can be resume sending survey emails by clicking Activate.

  • Edit survey - users can edit all above elements of a paused survey. If trying to edit an activated survey, you will be forced to pause before editing.

  • Complete survey - this is a non-reversible action which will complete the survey so no further emails will be sent to recipients.

  • Delete survey - will remove the survey from list of surveys, and also gives option to remove all the responses collected from this survey