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  • General search
  • Communication search
  • Support tickets search
  • Engagement search

General search

The search box lets you search for accounts and account users/contacts. It is available in the top right corner (near the 'Add New' icon), in every tab.

Search terms will be fuzzy matched against Account Name, Account ID, User/Contact email and User/Contact first/last name.  Any matched Accounts or Users/Contacts will be listed in the results.

For example, while searching for the keyword "Acme", we receive the Account along with the Users as they have the term "Acme" in their email address. 

From the user search, you can either navigate to the account or directly send an email to the user depending upon where you click on the search term. From the below screenshot, if clicked in the area marked 1 - Opens the Email dialog box which allows the user to send a direct email; 2 - Navigates to the account.

Communication search

On the timeline page, you would be able to lookup up the logged communications using any keyword used in the subject and body of the communication. 

Note: It is better to use a more refined search term rather than general keyword to get better search results.

Support tickets search

On the support tickets page, you would be able to search for the support tickets using any of the support ticket fields. Additionally, we also have an option to filter the tickets based on the default ticket fields.

Engagement search

Within the Engagement tab, we have Goals, Tasks, Alerts, and Touchpoints each of which has its own search feature. In each of the cases, you can search using the Account name, Goal/Task/Touchpoint/Alert name, and ID, Category.