Accounts in Freshsuccess can be created using multiple ways but are most commonly created through the API or a 3rd party integration. However, in cases where this is not possible, or you have a set of customers that cannot be created this way, it may be necessary to create Accounts manually. This article outlines the two ways of manually creating Accounts: (1) Individual Account creation and (2) Bulk Account creation via CSV upload.

1. Individual Account Creation

Within the "Add New" button on the top right corner, click "Accounts" using which a user can add accounts to FDCS. "Name", "Account id" and "Join date" are mandatory fields for creating an account. By default, the Account ID would be auto-populated but the Admin can edit the field properties to make the field editable. They would be able to make the field editable by navigating to Management Center >> Manage fields >> Accounts >> Account external ID and uncheck the "Read Only" option. 

Users with "Create Accounts" permission would only be able to add accounts using this method.

2. Bulk account creation via CSV upload

The Data Import feature allows you to bulk upload accounts and account attributes using our CSV templates. Note that you need to first create accounts in Freshsuccess before you can upload custom account attributes to them.

To create new accounts, you'd use the main "Accounts" CSV template. "Name", "Account id" and "Join date" are mandatory fields.

Apart from this, we can create accounts using third-party integrations. This is specifically useful if you're already using a CRM system where all the account details are present.