When you delete an account, Freshsuccess moves that account to our internal delete list to prevent the account from being synced from 3rd-party systems or picked up from the data sent using Account API. All historical data associated with a deleted account will be completely removed and no new data will be collected for this account. 

If you'd like to re-sync a deleted account, go to Management Center > Manage Accounts > Deleted accounts. Search for the account you wish to re-sync and click "Remove".

By removing the account from the delete list, Freshsuccess will again sync the account from your 3rd-party systems or data sent via API, depending on the initial setup of the account integration. For example, if we are syncing accounts from your 3rd-party systems, make sure the deleted account exists in the 3rd-party system; if you are sending accounts through API, ensure you keep sending that account so we can capture it properly. 

Once an account is re-synced, any new data will be synced to this account. However, all historical data cannot be recovered for this account.