Freshsuccess Account Details page provides a 360-degree view of your customer with detailed information on all the account-related information captured in the system, including the account’s activity, revenue history, communications, product usage, support history, NPS, and account tasks and processes. It's a centralized place for you to view all the data specific to an account. 


Having this data readily available and up-to-date is extremely helpful for every CSM to stay on top of their accounts for communication lookup, process tracking, proactive engagement, and risk mitigation. 


Account Details - Overview

The Overview page of the account details is designed to help CSMs develop a quick understanding of each account and their situation based on the relevant account data they care about tracking. 


The Overview page layout can be customized to help group account data and surface key attributes. 


Custom Account Layout


The Overview page is organized into Header, Overview tab, and Other tabs. The account layout can be customized to include relevant data associated with the account by the Administrator. If you have any use-case requirements, please contact the Administrator on your end to have them added to the 360 account view. 


Custom account layout helps your CSMs track onboarding status, product usage details, risk of churn, and several other key metrics in ways that make the most sense for that account all in one easy click.


Freshsuccess allows adding 6 Overview pages to an account. Each of these pages can be used by different teams for different contexts or just help to section the data better. A common example of a useful separate tab is when different stakeholders are using the system. For example, you can have a separate onboarding tab that is relevant to the onboarding team members as it contains Onboarding fields but can also be referenced by CSMs later in the customer's lifecycle to get the context of what happened.


Scenario: Churn Forecasting under Risk & Churn tab


Churn is the biggest threat to growth for B2B businesses having recurring revenue models. Therefore, measuring churn is critical to sustained revenue growth. Freshsuccess surfaces four default account fields to provide a quick way to predict churn and when it is likely to occur, understand the underlying reasons, and provide context around the engagement that leads to churn.These fields will act as foundational elements for churn forecast reporting for customers who like to forecast churn. For CSMs to edit these fields, admins should uncheck the "Read-only" box in the Management Center.



When enabled, four default account fields get added to accounts:


  • Churn likelihood - This is a dropdown field where CSMs can indicate the likelihood of churn by selecting drop-down values - no risk, at-risk, and confirmed churn.

  • Churn reason - This is a three-level-dependent field that helps CSMs to add churn reason category, sub-category, and details.

  • Projected churn date - this is a date value for CSMs to enter the projected date of churn for the account.

  • Churn description - This is a multi-line text field to allow CSMs to write more detail about why an account is churning



For immediate access and clarity, these fields can be added as another tab in the Account Overview section (by Admin through Management Center -> Customize Account Layout -> Overview tab -> Add/Edit Pages) and can be tracked/referred easily by CSMs managing the account.