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Viewing All Alerts

The Alerts Dashboard lists all the alerts that have been triggered to your accounts.You can view this by navigating to Engagement > Alerts

You can filter alerts based on the below categories:

  • Open: Open alerts that have or not have been converted to tasks.

  • Dismissed: Alerts that have been removed from the alerts list.

And further filter the alert view by:

  • My accounts: Alerts triggered for the accounts assigned to you.

  • Active accounts: Alerts triggered for the accounts that have not churned or deleted. 

  • Churned accounts: Alerts triggered for the accounts that have churned.

  • Unassigned accounts: Alerts triggered for accounts that are not assigned to any CSM.

You can expand an alert to view the alert description.

Manually creating Alert tasks

You can optionally convert an alert to a task if you’d like to take action on that alert. In this case, any playbook associated with that alert will be automatically imported as the sub-tasks of that alert task.

When converting an alert to a task, you can: edit the task details to indicate the task's priority, due date and owner; update details of sub-tasks and upload related documents.

Viewing Alert Tasks

You can view alert triggered for a specific account on the Account Details - Alerts page. 

You can view the alert tasks under the Tasks tab on the Account details page. You can also use the My Alert Tasks view on the main Tasks page to view all alert tasks, and leverage the task filters to prioritize, manage, and close your alert tasks. 

Updating Alert Tasks

Click on an alert task to expand the details of that task. You can then edit the task details, reassign the task, set priority & due date, check off subtasks, attach documents, post comments, or delete the task. 

To close an alert task, click "Completed" in the task action dropdown located on the top right. You can optionally provide more details about this task alert and it will be captured as close comments in the task details. Alternatively, you can mark an alert task as Cancelled if in case it is was a false alarm/mis-fired which can be used in Reporting to filter. In both the cases, the alert gets marked as dismissed once the tasks is closed/cancelled.

Dismiss Alerts

For the alerts you do not want to convert to tasks, you can optionally dismiss them from your open alert list. Once an alert is dismissed you wouldn’t be able to open it again.

This can be useful when you have an engagement alert to tell CSMs which account has achieved a milestone, but there is not necessarily an action to be accomplished.

Alerts Reporting

Freshsuccess provides basic alerts reporting on the Team Performance page. The Alerts section tracks and summarizes the alert workload by each individual CSM and alert type over time.

You can also build your own alert reports using existing alert and task metrics in Analytics.