An Alert Playbook captures a set of best-practice actions that a CSM should follow in order to respond to a particular alerted customer scenario and deal with it successfully. 


A playbook is configured by adding a text description to a list of steps on how an alerted situation should be acted upon. A playbook can be assigned to any alert when configuring the rules for that alert


To create a playbook, go to the Settings > Management Center > Alert Playbooks, click "New Playbook".



On the playbook creation page:


1. Add a title of the playbook.


2. Add a description of this playbook.


3. Add subtasks to this playbook.


4. Add links to related documents for this playbook.


You can add links to internal or external documents as reference readings for your CSMs to this playbook. 


5. Save the playbook.


If everything looks good, click "Save" to save the playbook.