The default dashboards in Customer Service Suite offer a real-time view of all your support operations with a set of widgets and metrics. Additionally, with custom dashboards, you can create your dashboards for specific requirements, enabling you to give your team better insights and visibility of your team's performance.

How to create custom dashboards?

  1. Log in to Customer Service Suite as an Admin/Supervisor and click on the Support Dashboard from the left panel.
  2. Accessing Custom Dashboard
    • Click on the hamburger icon next to the Overview tab and click New Dashboard.
    • You will see a workspace to add widgets, where you can add a maximum of 32 widgets from different sources.
  3. Adding Widgets
    • Hover over a widget and click on the + icon to add it to your workplace. 
    • Choose the widgets from Ticket and Chat sources to build dashboards specific to Freshdesk or Freshchat use cases.
      Note: You can also add Freshcaller widgets if you have the add-on. Check the pricing page for details on the Freshcaller add-on. Check out the widget library section for more details on each widget.
  4. Configuring and Saving Widgets
    • Enter the widget title and choose the configurations specific to the widget. The configuration options change based on the widget selected.
      For example, if you choose the Chat Count widget, you can select the chat view (New, resolved, or unresolved) you want to see. Check the widget library section for more details.
    • Enter the threshold values for the widget. The widget will alert you using color codes if the thresholds are breached. 
    • Once done, click Save and back to save the current widget and add more widgets.
  5. Saving Dashboard
    To save the dashboard, click Save Changes. Choose the visibility for the custom dashboard. You can set the visibility to all agents or a specific group.

Working with widget library

The Unified Dashboard provides the flexibility to choose from a wide range of widgets across ticketing and chat to build your  custom dashboards. The widget types include: 

  • Live Widgets: The widgets get live data from your ticket/ conversation views to help you monitor and categorize data in real time.
  • Team performance and trends: The widgets refresh automatically and can be configured for various time ranges from the current day to the last 30 days.

Widget TypeWidget NameSourceDescriptionConfiguration options
Live WidgetsTicket CountTicketShows the number of tickets in your ticket view to help you track your team's workload.Ticket view
Chat countChatShows the number of chats in your chat views. Use this to track your team's workload in real time.Chat view
Ticket distributionTicketShows tickets categorized based on properties like 'type of issue' as a bar chart. Use this to understand specific problem areas better.Group and Categorized by represented in percentage or count
Chat PerformanceChatShows the number of conversations that are unassigned, assigned, and have no response for a period of time.Group represented in percentage or count
AvailabilityChatShows the number of agents that are available for automatic assignment.NA
Team performance and trendsCustomer SatisfactionChatShows the customer satisfaction metrics of your Chat teams.

Group and Time period
TicketShows the customer satisfaction metrics of your helpdesk teams.
Time TrendsChatShows how fast your team is in responding to chats. It's color-coded to let you know if customers receive responses as quickly as expected.Metric, computation method, group, and time period

Cloning and editing dashboards

You can clone an existing dashboard. This can be useful when you want to have all the widgets, but want to change the views.

  1. To clone a dashboard, click Clone at the top-left corner.
  2. Enter the dashboard name and choose the visibility.

You can edit an existing dashboard to add or remove any widgets. To edit.

  1. Click Eidt, and add/remove/change widgets, and click Update changes.