The Agent Availability Dashboard provides a centralized view of your team's availability across your support channels, enabling you to optimize customer support by efficiently assigning inquiries by ensuring the right agents are assigned to inquiries. In this article, we will explore:

  1. Benefits of the Agent Availability Dashboard
  2. How to use the dashboard

Benefits of the Agent Availability Dashboard

  1. Gain Insights: Get an overview of the total number of agents available to handle tickets, phone calls, and chats, allowing you to assess your team's capacity at a glance.

  2. Manual Assignment: Take control of agent availability by assigning inquiries to specific agents, ensuring efficient routing and personalized customer experiences.

  3. Update Tracking: Stay informed about agents' availability status with the ability to view when an agent last updated their availability.

  4. Group Filtering: Filter the dashboard to view agents belonging to specific groups, streamlining your focus on particular team segments.

How to use the dashboard

  1. Go to the Support Dashboard, click ‘Overview,’ and go to Agent Availability.
  2. Alternatively, scroll down to the ‘All available agents’ section and click ‘View All.’
  3. On the Agent Availability page, you can see an overview of all available agents on each channel.
  4. You can also view a list of available agents under each channel by clicking on the respective tabs. 
  5. You can search for a particular agent and toggle their availability on/off depending on the influx. 

Efficiently managing agent availability is crucial for providing exceptional customer support experiences. The Agent Availability Dashboard equips you with the necessary insights and controls to streamline agent assignments and optimize your team's productivity.