Freshworks Customer Service Suite comes with the Unified Dashboard, a powerful tool that provides real-time analytics of your support across all support channels (email, chat, and phone). As a supervisor or admin, you can use the unified dashboard effectively to monitor agent availability, track ticket volume, gauge SLA performance, and take quick actions to ensure superior customer service.

The Unified Dashboard offers different types of live dashboards to suit your specific needs:

  1. Default Dashboards: The four default live dashboards are as follows:
    • Overview: Provides a comprehensive view of the overall performance across all channels.
    • Agent Availability: Provides a centralized view of your team's availability across channels, enabling you to optimize customer support efficiently.
    • Chat Performance: Get real-time insights into all the current chat activities with our live dashboard.
    • Phone (Freshcaller add-on required): Offers a complete overview of your call center's ongoing activities, including waiting queue status, team performance, agent availability, and more.
  2. Custom Dashboards: Besides the default dashboards, you can create your custom dashboards from a wide range of widgets available across all your support channels.

Notes: By default, the dashboard will show only chat and bot widgets. However, when you enable Freshdesk or buy the Freshcaller add-on, you will see additional widgets. Check the pricing page for details on the Freshcaller add-on.

When to use unified dashboards?

Here's a list of scenarios when you can use the unified dashboards

  • Spike in ticket or chat volume: If you notice a sudden increase in the number of tickets or conversations received, you can immediately inspect the reasons and take prompt action to resolve the issues.
  • Workload and agent management: With the ability to detect fluctuations in chat or ticket issues, you can quickly move agents between channels to ensure every customer receives a swift response.
  • Handling agent Inquiries: Easily manage increasing ticket or chat volume and route them to the correct team or agent, ensuring a fair workload distribution among agents.

The article includes the following:

  1. Accessing Unified Dashboard
  2. Dashboard and widget availability
  3. Default live dashboards

Accessing Unified Dashboard

How to access the unified dashboard:

  1. Log in to Customer Service Suite and click on the Support Dashboard icon from the left panel.
    By default, you will see the Overview dashboard that gives you a live feed on the overall performance across all products and channels.
  2. To view other channel-specific dashboards, click on the Overview hamburger icon.

Dashboard and widget availability

The visibility and availability of dashboards and corresponding widgets are based on the plan availability. Check out the availability here:

OverviewChat Conversation StatusYesYesYes
Chat assignment statusYesYesYes
Chat SLAYesYesYes
Chat performance trendsYesYesYes
Chat incoming conversationsYesYesYes
Chat customer satisfactionYesYesYes
All available agentsNoYesYes
Call volume metricsYes*Yes*Yes*
Call performanceNoNoYes*
Call SLANoNoYes*
Ticket statusYes**Yes**Yes**
Tickets customer satisfactionNoYes**Yes**
Chat Agent PerformanceChat conversation statusYesYesYes
Chat assignment statusYesYes
Chat SLAYesYesYes
Agent AvailabilityChat agentsNoYesYes
Phone agentsNoYes*Yes*
Ticket agentsNoYes**Yes**
Phone (Live dashboard)-NoYes*Yes*
Phone (My performance)-NoYes*Yes*
Custom dashboardTicket Count, Ticket Distribution, and CSATNoYes**Yes**
Chat count, chat performance, CSAT, time trends, agent availabilityNoYesYes
Call VolumeNoYes*Yes*
Call SLA, call performanceNoNoYes*

*Available and visible only when you have the Freshcaller add-on.

**Available and visible only when you integrate Freshdesk and enable ticket creation.

Default live dashboards

The list of default live dashboards includes the following:

  • Overview
  • Agent availability
  • Chat agent performance
  • Phone


The Overview dashboard offers various widgets that provide real-time analytics on the overall performance of your support operations across channels. Use the dashboard to view the live feed on your open issues, SLA compliance, CSAT scores, and performance metrics. Additionally, manage your agents across channels from a centralized location. 

For example, if you notice a drop in customer satisfaction scores, check the Chat and Ticket Customer Satisfaction widgets to view the ratings. This helps you identify issues affecting customer satisfaction and address them promptly.

Key widgets in the dashboard include:

  • Chat conversation and ticket status: Get a live feed on the number of open, closed, or resolved tickets and chats.
  • Chat and ticket assignment status: View the current assignment of all the chats and tickets.
  • Chat and ticket performance: Monitor real-time chat and ticket performance trends, including average response rates.
  • Chat incoming conversation: Track the trend of chat conversations received.
  • Chat and ticket customer satisfaction: Access live data on customer satisfaction ratings for chat interactions.
  • All available agents: Easily monitor and manage agents across channels. Click this widget to directly access the Agent Availability Dashboard.
  • Widgets to monitor call center activity: Use the call volume, Call SLA, and Call Performance widgets to track and monitor all activity on Freshcaller
    Note: Visible only if you have Freshcaller as an add-on.

Agent Availability

The Agent Availability dashboard provides a centralized view of your team's availability across Freshdesk, Freshchat, and Freshcaller, enabling you to efficiently assign issues to the right agents. For details, check Agent Availability.

Chat Agent Performance

Offers real-time updates on chat conversation status, assignment status, and SLA compliance, allowing you to monitor the performance trends of your agents and make staffing and routing decisions accordingly. For details, check Chat Agent Performance


If you have the Freshcaller add-on, the Phone Dashboard offers insights into your call center's ongoing activities. With data on waiting queue status, team performance, agent availability, and more, you can effectively manage your call center operations. Additionally, agents can use the My Performance dashboard as a self-evaluation tool to view their call activity. For details, check Phone dashboard.