Note: Freddy is currently available in beta for customers on the Pro and Enterprise plan. 

The Rephrase text feature powered by Freddy AI allows users to generate new versions of existing content. Users have the option to substitute casual vocabulary with more formal words while maintaining accurate grammar and punctuation.

How to enable Rephrase text?

1. Head over to Admin Settings > Account Settings > Freddy Settings.  

2. Here, you can view the available features for your account. Enable the Freddy Copilot widget and enable the Rephrase text option in Sales emails. 

How to use Rephrase text?

1. When the features are enabled in your account, you can see the Freddy dropdown in the email overlay.

2. Enter the text you wish to rephrase and click the Rephrase icon from the Freddy dropdown. 

3. Freddy generates a rephrased response, and you can choose from available tone options and select the required phrase from the list. 

4. Review the response and click on "Replace text" if you are happy with the response. The email copy is now ready with the new text. 

*The enablement of optional functionality is subject to certain feature-specific terms and conditions set forth in the Freshworks Supplemental Terms.