Our Data Centres are located in the US, EEA, IND, and AU. 

Previously, call recordings for EU/AU customers resided in the US data center. But you can now opt to store all your call-related data in their respective regional data centers. Please reach out to us at support@freshdesk.com if you would like your call data to reside in your respective data center. 


Some data that is not personally identifiable will continue to reside in the US data center even after EU/AU data residency is enabled. (Account information, purchased phone numbers, billing, usage triggers, etc.)

You will not be able to access the following features once you enable data residency:

  • Call masking
  • Verified caller ID

Caveats to be aware of before you choose to store data in the EU/AU data center:

  1. For customers using BYOC: When data residency is enabled/disabled, all your BYOC numbers will be soft deleted. You must re-create the numbers once data residency is enabled.
  2. For customers using SIP devices: When data residency is enabled/disabled, all your SIP devices and their configurations will be deleted. You must re-configure them from the UI once data residency is enabled.
  3. It is recommended not to enable/disable this feature frequently. Freshcaller uses Twilio to power operations, and it is cumbersome to migrate data between Twilio's data centers frequently. 
  4. Regional data residency is available only for customers in the US, EU, and AU regions.
  5. Customers in IND and the USA cannot opt to migrate their data to the data center in other regions. 
  6. Freshcaller and Twilio accounts must be in the same region for us to enable regional data residency for your account. I.e., customers in the EU can opt only for EU residency, and customers in the AU can opt only for AU residency.
  7. All historical call data before enabling data residency will continue to reside in the respective data centers.