In your Freshsales Suite account, we have implemented a few changes to enhance the management of social media profile information. With these updates, we've made changes to how we gather information from social media fields.

In this article, we cover the two possible scenarios that can arise post-migration and the necessary actions you can take to ensure that your social media data is correctly displayed and linked.

Records with a valid social media profile URL

If the social media profile URL in your original Freshsales account is valid, such as "," it will now be displayed as "janesampleton" (the username) in Freshsales Suite. The hyperlink to the profile will remain intact, requiring no action on your part.



Broken or Unusual Social Media Profile URL: In cases where the profile URL is broken or unusual, it will be moved to backup fields named Facebook backup, Twitter backup, or LinkedIn backup. 

To view the impacted records in your account and ensure proper linking of the social media fields:

  1. Navigate to Contacts/Accounts on the CRM, and filter by the fields Facebook backup, Twitter backup, or LinkedIn backup, with the condition “is not empty.”

  2. Check the respective fields:
    1. For Facebook: Locate the "Facebook backup" field.
    2. For Twitter: Locate the "Twitter backup" field. 
    3. For LinkedIn: Locate the "LinkedIn backup" field.

  3. In the corresponding backup field, copy only the username (e.g., "janesampleton").

  4. Paste the copied username in the original Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn fields in Freshsales Suite.

  5. Once you have pasted the username, our system will take care of linking it to the respective social media account.



Note: Since the CRM stores only the username in the social media fields, your existing workflows and auto-assignment rules might be impacted. Any workflow or rule relying on the complete(profile) URL will need to be updated to accommodate the new username-based format.