Chat assignment Rules enable you to create rules that assign chats to agents or groups based on conditions you define. For example, you can create a rule to assign chats to a specific group based on customer messages in the chat. It is important to prioritize your rules and list them in the order of execution.

To create a chat assignment rule based on customer messages:

  • Go to Admin Settings

  • Scroll down to Chat Settings and select Chat Assignment Rules.

  • Click on Create Rule and name the rule.

  • Select the “all” condition if you want all conditions to be met for the rule to execute.

  • Select the “is set” condition if you want atleast one of the conditions to be met for the rule to execute.

  • Choose the condition as “message text” “contains” and enter the message the customer would leave.

  • Add similar conditions with the same filter.

  • Choose the action as “assign to agent” or “assign to a group”

Here is a sample image of the chat assignment rule for customer messages.

Note: Please prioritize the rules after configuring the chat assignment rule.